AI technology

Our AI technologies break through the crucial drug discovery bottlenecks to power the next giant leaps in human healthcare.

The Genetic Leap AI stack

To cure disease with precise RNA-targeted drugs, Genetic Leap built and validated custom AI models to address specific bottlenecks of the drug discovery process.

Bergspitze and Franklin together constitute Genetic Intelligence and are used for genetically-defined target discovery for diseases with no tractable target.

For a disease that has well-validated, but undruggable targets, Orisha is directly engaged.

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Tames the noise and small sample challenges of the whole genome to pinpoint genetic positions causal of disease, no matter their location throughout the full 100% of the genome.

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Deep-traces™ causal genetic variants through biomolecular networks in granular, rigorous analyses that provide a coherent etiology model for the disease and affirm targets to modulate for a cure.

Franklin is an AI representation of the body’s universe.

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Designs molecules to drug a target’s RNA transcript effectively and efficiently. Orisha has two sub-modules:

Orisha-SM drugs the structure of RNA using small molecules in three stages: 1) identify the best regions with unique structure on the RNA 2) predict the structure of the selected regions 3) dock small molecules against the predicted structure.

Orisha-oligo drugs the sequence of RNA using oligonucleotides in two stages: 1) identify the most accessible yet unique region on the RNA 2) design an ASO sequence to drug it.

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Confirms experimentally the targets and drug candidates from the AI layers using cell assays and animal models that are relevant to both disease etiology and human biology.

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