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Why we are doing this

We have been captivated by the promise made when the DNA structure was solved and renewed with every new genetic discovery, that we have solved the code of life and could now cure disease with precision. But this promise has been largely unfulfilled.

Many of us watched helplessly as our loved ones suffered from health afflictions that could have been more easily cured or prevented were the genetically-defined target and undruggability bottlenecks overcome. Our unique abilities across disciplines gave us a unique perspective about how to solve these herculean problems, and so we left behind safe, well-paying jobs to take on the task even as we were repeatedly told that the problems were impossible, especially for a small team with little funding and no hype.

We know that future generations will live free of complex diseases like cancer and alzheimer. We want to bring about and benefit from that incredible future today.

Our values

We lead. We don’t work for the approval of the zeitgeist. We strive to make the correct strategic and technological decision to achieve our mission without regard to the hot topic of the moment or other short-term bromide. We understand and accept that, sometimes, to do truly groundbreaking work, you have to go in a different direction to the crowd even if it means short term pain.

We accept that the journey will be hard. It is supposed to be hard. Greatness is hard. Doing something that hasn’t been done before is hard. We see difficulty as an opportunity and welcome it with open arms.

We like scrutiny. When faced with doubters, we truly consider the reasons behind their doubt and instead of letting it stop us, we use it (if legitimate) to further refine our approach to succeed where they thought otherwise.

We prioritize values that allow our colleagues to contribute meaningfully to our mission, including honesty, innovation, flexibility, unselfishness, freedom, and responsibility.


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If you are interested in joining the team, we are hiring across both experimental and computational roles. Please send your CV and tells us about you and why you want to be part of this exciting journey.